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West Rockhill

Life in West Rockhill, PA


Many people think that the town of West Rockhill, PA is one of the coolest in the state. People flock to the county to witness a spectacular showdown of both dance and live music. This land has about five thousand people living in an area of sixteen square miles in the extreme southeast of Pennsylvania, along the Delaware River at New Jersey border. Most of the residents here in West Rockhill, PA are whites, black or African Americans, Pacific Islanders and Asians with some Hispanic Latin races. West Rockhill, PA was established in seventeen hundred and was divided into East and West Rockhill more than a century after.

West Rockhill, PA

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Since the beginning of time, West Rockhill, PA’s economy has mainly relied on construction and maintenance all over the Bucks County. During the era of the Revolution, the town has been built to promote the effective trade for skills on design and architecture. Far more than that, existing jobs like those in machinery and sales are also in an average standing.  The revised income rate for each individual may cost at around twenty thousand to one hundred fifty thousand dollars per annum. It is the only town in Pennsylvania that has a fully equipped hospital that can provide health care without any fuss.

Diabase Boulders


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Education in West Rockhill, PA is available and accessible for everyone. There are nine schools around or close to the West Rockhill, PA area, so you need not to worry if you choose West Rockhill, PA as your new home. The famous West Rockhill Elementary School is one of the best schools in town ever since, since it is the first place to assist your children in enhancing their knowledge and understanding of things through activities and special science classes. Most of the grownups are still capable of doing machinery works and use most of their time in enrolling to some trade courses that will help them get the equivalent jobs that they wanted. Even though part of their land area is covered with water, some of them are not interested with farming, forestry, fishing and other stuffs related to the use of water. A lot of people living in West Rockhill, PA are more involved with administrative support and sales of materials for the development of any sort of things related to engineering, computers and the like.

West Rockhill Elementary School

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The best restaurants in West Rockhill, PA might surprise you because what they serve brings out the goodness in each individual’s taste. The Rockhill 85’ is one of the best in town. They serve with a customer oriented smile and delicious food. You may also like this well-loved restaurant for its wide range of wines and brewery that can redefine the Rockhill’s as the most sought after in all of Bucks County. Also, do not forget to check out Roy Ann Diner at 1318 Bethlehem Pike West Rockhill, PA for instant hunger relief. They serve comfort fast foods that will surely be a hit to everyone, no matter how young or old you are, and a perfect hang-out for casual dining on an impromptu meet-ups with family and friends.

The kid in you will always come out when you visit the following recreational areas in West Rockhill, PA. The James Memorial Park has plenty of amenities like playgrounds, courts and fields, benches, walking paths and so much more, which will make you realize a day in this place is surely not enough. Even your dogs has a place in this awesome park in West Rockhill, PA. Then, you can pay tribute to West Rockhill, PA’s unsung heroes in the Veterans Memorial and Memorial Brick Center. And then, take a dip at the Holiday House Pool to chill and relax. These are just a few of the many things you can do when you’re in West Rockhill, PA. And so many reasons to love living here and you’ll surely not regret making the decision of buying a home for sale in West Rockhill, PA.

James Memorial Park                                      September Fest

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Veteran’s Memorial and Memorial Brick Center            Holiday House Pool

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