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Live a Balanced Life in Southampton, PA


Southampton, PA was named after the seaport of England, which was used by the adventurous followers of William Penn, its first English settler, when they sailed to Pennsylvania before the 16th century. It was only in the year 1685 that Southampton, PA was recognized as a town by the provincial council. And it was in 1929 when it was further divided into Upper and Lower Southampton. It was with the arrival of the railroad system that drastically changed the course of the progress of Southampton, PA to its present day status. The population now is over 38,000 and the cost of living is higher by 28.30%. We all know that if the cost of living in one place is higher, then it only means that progress is faster, which will be a good start for those who choose to live in Southampton, PA.

Southampton, PA

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Homes for Sale in Southampton, PA


There are plenty of houses in Southampton, PA that have great views. They also even have apartments with balconies. Homes for sale in Southampton, PA are being sold in reasonable prices and may vary depending on the location. If you want some quiet time and a little privacy, then you can opt to choose somewhere a bit remote. These homes that are for sale in Southampton, PA are located far from neighbors and crowds. This type of house comes with access to the woods and a wide expanse of land. If you want cheaper homes, you can choose from different varieties, or even consider living in apartments. Whatever your status in life is, there is a home that will fit your family’s needs in Southampton, PA.


Things to Do In Southampton, PA       


Southampton, PA is surrounded by different types of parks and recreation. There’s the Mad Golfer Golf Club at 114 Street Road that has a golf course and even holds golf classes to beginners. But they’re not all golf, they also have a driving range. Many people spend their days practicing their golf skills in the course. You can also visit the Tamanend Park at 1255 2nd Street Pike, which still features a golf course aside from the fields and other amenities and facilities that can be rented in the park like a farmhouse, carriage house, meeting rooms, picnic pavilions and the like. Even the Southampton Days, an annual county fair celebrated from the 30th of June to the 5th of July, is held close to the Tamanend Park. The park also cater to special events like weddings and other big parties. The pavilions can be used for different purposes, be it work or family occasions. Southampton, PA also has a community center that has a gym for those who are athletic and meeting rooms for public use.

Mad Golfer Golf Club                               Southampton Days

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Tamanend Park                                                       Tamanend Park Gazebo

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Restaurants in Southampton, PA


Here are some of the most popular restaurants in Southampton, PA that you can choose from. The first one is the Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille at 772 2nd Street Pike, which serves tasty American vegetarian menus. It is ideal for different events like birthdays, anniversaries and other parties. It is also a good place to meet very important clients or if you want to have romantic moments with your wife or husband. It is a good way to have a good time with a healthy twist. If you want Asian Vietnamese dishes, you can try the House of Pho Restaurant at 470 2nd Street Pike, Southampton, PA. They serve lunch and dinner. They also have a steam pub, which is open until 2am. If you want a late night party, this will be the best place for you.

Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille

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House of Pho Restaurant

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