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Silverdale, PA: A New Place to Live in Away from the City


It is very common to find families who want move out of their hometowns and move to another place. Most of them want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and leave their chaotic lifestyle behind. You want to raise your family in a cozy and homey town with a slower pace of life.  At the same time, you also do not want to compromise the standard of living you are used too and give up the quality of life and lifestyle that you and your family have. Naturally, a lot of thought and research went into it before making the big decision. Then, you stumbled upon this marvelous residential borough of Silverdale, PA in Buck’s County. The first reaction you get from friends and family is, “Where is that? We’ve never heard of that place before.”  It is just natural, right?  Who would uproot their family and move to an “ugly” place, was your response.  Silverdale, PA has everything that you are looking for in a place where you want to raise your kids, and it would also free you from the pains and struggles of living in a crowded city. It is truly a small community that is the perfect haven for your family, yet still close enough to neighboring towns and boroughs for your other needs.

Silverdale, PA

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Homes for Sale in Silverdale, PA

The housing market in Silverdale, PA is very affordable compared to other towns, and the school system is comparable as well.  In Silverdale, your dollar buys you more in real estate.  The average home is around mid $250,000, while that could be just your down payment in other places.  Also, the school system in Silverdale, PA spends an average of $16,250 annually, which is $4000 more than the national average.  The weather is going to be a drastic change because the warm months in Silverdale average in the 70’s, and when winter comes, the temperature goes down into the 20’s!  Perfect for a sweater weather and more snow, snow, snow!


Things to do in Silverdale, PA


For couples, you won’t be missing out on “date” nights since there are many things you can do in Silverdale, PA. Silverdale, PA has many dining establishments where one can enjoy. They have everything from Italian to Japanese, and even pubs with live bands. Head out to Pino’s Pizza at 102 West Main Street or call for a delivery whenever you are craving for some comfort food like pizza and other Italian dishes. There are also perks like discounts and freebies offered at various days during the week. You will also surely enjoy your hobby of collecting antiques in Silverdale, PA. Visit Factory Antiques at 130 E Main Street, Silverdale, PA to check out their wide collection of antiques and vintage stuffs. You will always find something precious and one of a kind during your every visit. The Bolton Farm Market at 1005 Main Street Silverdale, PA for everything organic and healthy. Raising a healthy and happy family is definitely possible once you’ve moved to Silverdale, PA.

Pino’s Pizza

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Factory Antiques

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Bolton Farm Market



We can be vain at times. Of course, we’d want to look good and pamper ourselves at times. Or, there might be special events, where we would require the services of a professional hairdresser and beautician. It’s a good thing that Main Street Salon and Spa is just around the corner at 148 West Main Street Silverdale, PA. It is also highly recommended by patron for its good service and friendly staff.

Main Street Salon and Spa

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Living in Silverdale, PA will be a new adventure and challenge for all of you.  It can be exciting looking forward to the big move. After you have settled down, you’d definitely feel the value of finding this little spot on the globe to be the place you’d all call home.