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New Britain

Endless Possibilities in New Britain, PA


New Britain, PA has significantly evolved over the years to belong to the group of larger cities with more than 3000 population and increasing by 1.49% every year. It is a dramatic change from when the early years of the township when it was still primarily home to Indians and many wild animals.  Nowadays, when you plan to move to a different residence, you might want to include New Britain, PA on your list. There so much to see and enjoy in this town; such as the different restaurants to try and things that you can do during your free time. The cost of living in this town is higher by 27.40% compared to the average of the country. This only means that New Britain, PA is already in its developed stage. It will be easy for you to get what you need such as food, education for your children and recreation for your family. Moreover, since New Britain, PA is a growing place, the unemployment ratio is also lower by almost 2% compared to the average of the United States, which means that the job opportunities have also increased by 1.44%. Any prospective buyer looking at listing of homes for sale in the area will truly be delighted to know that they not only have acquired a wonderful home, but have a better future in the place too.

New Britain, PA

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Homes for Sale in New Britain, PA


Homes for sale in New Britain, PA have quite reasonable prices. There are lots of homes you can find in this town that will fit you and your family’s needs. The price of the homes may vary depending on its size and style. You can also choose for a small one or a bigger one depending on the size of your household. Privacy is very important especially to your growing children. If you have more than one child, it is best to have homes that have multiple rooms. Based on the statistic, the median homes cost in New Britain, PA is a little over than $20,000. You would most likely find the home of your dreams in New Britain, PA without hurting your wallet. You also get the perk of having to live amidst colonial homes that were once constructed during the revolutionary era within your community.

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Things to do in New Britain, PA


There are different places which you can visit near New Britain, PA that can give you enjoyment and entertainment. You can choose from various bars and clubs. Among the most reputable bars and clubs near New Britain, PA are Crooked Eye Brewery, Towey’s Tavern, The Red Stallion and so many more. They also serve great tasting foods that you can enjoy along with your beer. The best way to have this kind of relaxing moment is together with your friends or colleagues at work.


But of course, it’s not all about yourself. Your family, especially your kids, also need to release their energetic and creative side. Recreation in New Britain, PA will most likely take you to the Wilma Quinlan Nature Preserve at 45 Keeley Avenue New Britain, PA to be one with nature and let off your steam at home and at work. You can take great walks, see the wildlife and wildflowers, and even birds. This is definitely a must for every family with kids to make them appreciate the beauty of nature.

Wilma Quinlan Nature Preserve

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Restaurants in New Britain, PA


There are plenty of restaurants in New Britain, PA to pick from if you and your buddies decide whether to get take outs or just eat out. The choice of the restaurant may vary depending on your lifestyle and food preference. It is a must to come over New Britain Inn at 376 W Butler Avenue to have great pub food, drinks and accommodating staff. It is definitely an old-timer that lives up to its name and reputation, and managed to keep up with the changing times and eating needs of the public. You can play pool, have a drink at their large bar, play video games or watch sport after you’re done eating to your heart’s content.

New Britain Inn



If you want Asian food, you can head out to the Sakana Sushi Asian Fusion Restaurant at 434 Town Center. You’ll taste the best tasting sushi in the Philly area. For a great dining experience in New Britain, PA, you can also choose the Mandarin Tang III Restaurant for a great dining experience or Franco’s Pizzeria perhaps for your Italian cravings. It is best to celebrate life’s milestones and accomplishments among these fine dining restaurants; and with the options presented to you, you won’t find it difficult to select your comfort food and go to place in New Britain, PA.

Sakana Sushi Asian Fusion Restaurant



Mandarin Tang III Restaurant             Franco’s Pizzeria

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