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Warminster, PA: Home on the East Side of the Coast


Have you ever wanted to relocate?  Easier said and done, right?  Moving to a new residence is always a pretty bold move and somewhat scary for some.  But why relocate in the first place? or most people, it is for family.  What it means is that it is to raise and offer their families a different environment.  You move to a place where the work opportunities are better, there are great schools for the kids and even let them experience all four seasons, while immersing in the rich history of America, for less money if possible.

Warminster, PA

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Why choose  Warminster, PA?  This township is located in Bucks County, and has a population of about 30,000 people.  The town is named after a town in England called Wiltshire.  Some of the neighboring municipalities are Warwick (North), Hatboro Montgomery County (Southwest), and Ivyland (Northeast).  There are also famous people living in Warminster, PA like Kermit Cintron, who was a boxer, Paul Hipp, who was an actor and musician, the 1998 Olympic swimmer, David Wharton.

Kermit Cintron          Paul Hipp

kermit paul


David Wharton


If you have kids, like most families do, you’d be relieved that the school system in Warminster, PA is very good and reputable.  There are private schools like the Archbishop Wood Catholic High School at 655 York Road, which even offers eleven classes on Advanced Placement as of the moment. Aside from thee exemplary education your child can get, they will also grow up closer to God and become more responsible and morally upright citizens. Other schools in the Warminster, PA area are the William Tennent High School at 333 Centennial Road, which is public, and the Log College Middle School at 730 Norristown Road. And as far as recreation is concerned, there are parks that cater to special events and community services.  The Warminster Community Park at 300 Veterans Way Warminster, PA is the largest in the area, with over 5 miles of hiking trails and spacious grounds for all sorts of park activities.  The park and recreation services of Warminster also have a tree planting program and park benches made from recycled plastics.  This reminds everyone of the importance of recycling and giving back to nature.  Kids who enjoy the outdoors can engage in activities like skateboarding, bike riding, or climbing at the playground. They won’t get bored here either because of the year-long special events and activities lined up for all.

Archbishop Wood Catholic High School

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Warminster Community Park

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There are plenty of restaurants, hotels, and vacation rentals, which are all within 20 miles of Warminster, PA, with a variety of entertainment that fits everyone’s budget, depending on the kind of luxury and entertaining you are looking for.  For example, suites are available at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites at 240 Veterans Way, up to fine dining, to the average pizza joint. The world is at your pallet because there are restaurants in Warminster, PA that serve Mexican, Asian, Italian, and American restaurants and steak houses.  For example, Rey Azteca at 80 York Road is well known in the area as an excellent place to taste some authentic Mexican dishes.  If Asian food is what you are looking for, eat at Sunny Asian Cuisine at 342 York Road for the best and affordable Asian food, and for Italian food, pizza and pastas, go to the Pizza Pasta House at Jamesway Shopping Center, 1139 York Road Warminster, PA.

Holiday Inn Express

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Rey Azteca

rey One of the night's "especiales." (Photos by Jennifer Marsh)


Sunny Asian Cuisine

sunny sunny2


Pizza Pasta House

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Neighboring counties also offer a variety of outdoor activities like river rafting, inner tubing, located on the Delaware River, which is 17 miles north of Warminster, PA.


Kayaking and canoes are also available for a slower exploration and fun.  These are just a few reasons why people want to relocate their families to Warminster,PA.