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Unravel the potential of living in Perkasie, PA


Population in Perkasie, PA is growing way faster; as a matter of fact, as of 2014, they reached more than 24,000 in population, and is growing by 11.39% since the year 2000. A quicker paced population inflation in a town means lots of opportunity, opportunity to do business, to find jobs and many other things. The best time to establish business in one place is the time when it is still in its growing stage. Properties have lower values and investments in that given time will surely be of greater use and worth in the future. This kind of idea is great for people who are looking for places to stay in Perkasie, PA. Here are some things you need to know about Perkasie, PA before you move in.

Perkasie, PA

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South Perkasie Bridge                                       Lake Lenape Bridge

bridge bridge2


Pedestrian Bridge in 2nd Street Park           Tunnel below Ridge Road in Perkasie, PA

bridge3 tunnel


Homes for sale in Perkasie, PA


There are plenty of homes that you can choose from in the area. You can choose from homes for sale in Perkasie, PA that will fit your budget and still be perfect to accommodate you and your family. They also have condominiums if you want to move in right away, but kind of short on cash. For families, they also have bigger two story houses which are made of concrete materials and a more homey vibe. Homes for sale in Perkasie, PA that is lower than $250,000 can also be located within its vicinity and they also have houses that are worth millions too for those who can afford. A house can be one good investment. Choosing the right abode can greatly affect your family’s life. And, you don’t even need to worry even if you don’t have enough cash because a lot of real estate agencies are open in giving out loans so that you can afford their houses.

homes downtown


Things to do in Perkasie, PA


There so many things you can do in Perkasie, PA. One example is going to the Menlo Aquatics Center at 425 Arthur Avenue. They offer local and guided programs, family deals and promos. The borough of Perkasie, PA has plenty of recreational activities to keep you busy all year round, like teen wilderness adventure and tips for outdoor activities for the family. You can enjoy different adventures in one place, and surely, your children will enjoy as they learn from this experience. You can also do sky diving in Perkasie, PA at the Skydive Philadelphia at 1100 North Ridge Road. This kind of adventure will give you great memories as you grow older and something to smile about. If you want to have a night life, they also have bars and clubs that offer great services and serve great drinks, to spice up your life.

Menlo Aquatics Center

menlo1 menlo2 Menlo


Skydive Philadelphia

skydive skydive2


Restaurants in Perkasie, PA


If you want to date your wife or have a family celebration, there are restaurants in Perkasie, PA that can cater to your needs. Maize Restaurant at 519 West walnut Street serves American cuisines and is open from 5pm-10pm every Tuesday until Saturdays. You can bring your friends and family and enjoy all their different and authentic American dishes. They also have The Perks at 501 E Walnut Street Perkasie, PA, which serves hamburgers, barbecues and seafood. If you want heavy meals, The Perks will be great for you and your hungry belly. If you want to drink beer after your meal, they also have a bar section in their restaurant to cater to this kind of crowd.

Maize Restaurant

Crab Cake

maize2 Maize on Walnut Street in Perkasie. (All photos by Jennifer Marsh)

The Perk                                            The Perk Bar at The Perk

perk1 perk2


On the other hand, if you want Italian pasta and pizza, you can come to Joseph’s Italian Market at 2301 N 5th Street. There are plenty of other restaurants in Perkasie, PA to choose, from whatever you are craving for or lifestyle is, they can surely meet your needs. It is always best to celebrate special holidays dining in fine restaurants in Perkasie, PA along with your loved ones.