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The Life worth Living in Ivyland, PA


Settling into a new town can be exciting but involves a lot of planning. Ivyland, PA can be one of the places that families should consider before making the big decision. The borough of Ivyland, PA in Bucks County is located in the extreme southeast of Pennsylvania, along the Delaware River at the New Jersey border. This is one of the smaller areas in Pennsylvania which is rich in Culture, Arts, Education, Historical Interest and an independent political entity. Ivyland, PA’s population is only one thousand one hundred thirty (1,130) people as of the year 2014. As a town known for its high historic interest, Ivyland, PA probably has the finest collection of Victorian buildings in the State. And also by being a small town, they have their own police force which includes a first-response medical emergency unit. This community has the combination of good school, low crime rate and an educated neighborhood that will give importance to education knowing it is the key to a successful life in the future.

Ivyland, PA

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Since one of the top priorities of parents before deciding where to live is the quality of schools available, a high quality educational system attracts new residents to help the town flourish. There are great schools in Ivyland, PA that new residents can choose from. There are public schools, thirty nine elementary schools, six middle schools and nine highschools, near Ivyland, PA, which offers quality education. A few of the public schools near Ivyland, PA are Mcdonald Elementary School, Longstreth Elementary School, Willow Dale Elementary School and many more, where an approximately 200 students attend in Ivyland, PA. There are also parents that are looking for good quality education outside the public schools. There is an estimate of 5,730 students attending private schools in Ivyland, PA, with twenty eight private elementary schools, one private middle school and four private high schools. A few of them are the ATG Learning Academy, Schoolhouse Learning Center, Archbishop Wood High School, Middle Earth Academy and many more.

McDonald Elementary School

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A great place to live in means a place that will offer great opportunities and possibilities to its people. There are a lot of economic factors to be considered too, for better job options to new residents. The good economy of Ivyland, PA is mainly driven by the General Medical and Surgical Hospitals industry, which is also supported by other sectors like Supermarkets, corporate, subsidiary and regional managing offices. Ivyland, PA being a small area has a lot to offer, like a variety of food places and restaurant. A few of them are located in Jacksonville Road like the Taorminas Pizza and Pasta, China Dragon Restaurant, Subway and Sertinos Café, which is located in Veterans Way.

Taorminas Pizza and Pasta                    Sertinos Cafe

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Health and wellness is of trend nowadays, which is why Ivyland, PA is giving priority to Health Care services for its residents. There are thirty nine hospitals that is within reach when you are from Ivyland, PA, which is within 60 miles and there are two doctors within the city limit.


Recreational sites also contributes to the quality of a community. Spring Mill Athletic Club of Ivyland, PA helps its residents to fully integrate their body, mind and spirit. They also have Ivy Glen Park for the nature lover residents that gives them the most natural scenic area with a pond.

Spring Mill Athletic Club



Ivyland, PA is a family-friendly place to live in and a well situated community to build special moments and good memories with your loved ones. Take a look at current listings to find out which homes are for sale in Ivyland, PA, so you can have a fresh start at this amazing place.